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Mobile Container Weighing by Rinstrum Smart Weighing

  • Fully mobile trade approved container weighing solution
  • Online VGM Certificate Generation for SOLAS
  • Low power Bluetooth mobile phone application
  • Ideal for side loader applications, straddle lifters and reach stackers

About conWEIGHr pedestals

The conWEIGHr pedestal is an innovative weighing instrument developed to provide instant SOLAS compliance and on-site single weighing options. SOLAS requires the shipper to provide a VGM certificate for all containerized exports. Weighing is performed using the conWEIGHr Pedestal set and Conweigh phone application. The VGM certificate is generated and submitted instantly. It is also accessible via the user s secure Conweigh VGM Cloud account.

Four Steps to Weighing a container and VGM Certificate:

Step 1- Lift the Container

Optional Lifting System using bottle jacks on short side of container with outrigger pads for support

Or use on site heavy lift equipment

Step 2 - Setup conWEIGHr Pedestals

Caters for uneven ground

Accommodates for angled or out of level containers on most types of ground

Step 3 - Take Weight Reading

Class 3 Trade Approved

Conweigh phone application to see overall container weight and distribution, as well as the weight display on each pedestal

Weight distribution across four corners

Step 4 - Generate VGM Certificate

Seal container

Commit weight and container details within online Conweigh Application

Certificate automatically emailed on completion